The future in the sky with extra cheese

Mini science fiction story. This is kind of like a Spielberg prequel sequel and I will just go ahead and jump the shark at the beginning.

A vastly powerful culture was so vain that it built a giant mirror a 100 light years across and 20 lights away from their world so they could bask in their own greatness.....

Part 2 (In the future past ) : A lonely boy wanders across the plains of his desolate world searching as always for some other life. He looked up again at the heaven in the sky and wondered why his world was not like that world of great wonders and as he stared up a meteorite approached the heaven world and destroyed its wonder and left a desolate and nearly lifeless planet behind.

Okay, here is even better. He finds other people and they build a fantastic world modeled on the heaven in the sky in only 10 years and build a giant ship to go there and as they take off at nearly c, they don't realize they have left behind a world about to collapse from the effort of building the ship and they get about half way and meet another ship returning and they say "Haven't you figured out it is a mirror yet?"


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen