Angular Isometric (AI)

The fact that mvr is constant and mv must be constant as well as Ek+Ep, sets constraints on the system. When temporal effects are included the number of dimensions and the paths between dimensions ( logical parametric dimensions ) changes. This analysis is a preface to the wave equations of the atom and its energy transitions. The same can be said of an atom, as energy or matter cannot be destroyed and momentum, angular momentum and energy are constant in a closed system. Since I have an unlimited supply of gedanken dollars, I will model some unique systems of mass and charge. Hopefully it will yield more than a "Gedanken Thesis" and "Die Gedanken sind frei"

It would seem a hopeless task, but just like genetics, the products are consistent and have very precise experimental results which implies a generally determinant process which can then be predicted and controlled. The genetic machinery is hardly simplistic and is certainly more complex than nuclear physics in many ways. A system cannot be simultaneously chaotic and predictable, even if the measures are made in probabilities of transition. I wouldn't say that it is mechanical and consistent at all levels, but the interactions can be combined to produce a certainty in action. The absorption and emission lines of an atom are consistent and thus do not vary except under some variation in the system like Z:N numbers, ionic condition, or external magnetic or electric field. The goal of this is to approach the problem from a new angle and perhaps identify some new utility as well as improving programming, experimentation, analysis, modeling, and math skill.

Some very interesting results come from situations where matter interacts at speeds that approach light speed. Time lash seems as if it can leak and this interests me at the moment.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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