Redux the MAST

In lecture 22 at about 28:00, Dr. Sadoway of MIT covers the law of mass action and states the relationship that matter is neither created or destroyed in a chemical reaction and to the greatest extent that is true in cosmic origins and the σ of matter as it exists and as we can perceive in the light cone as it extends in time must represent many different dependencies such as the association of emission and absorption spectra, the number of black holes, neutron flux, and all the secondary effects. In a chemical reaction it could be stated that as reactants become products, the absorption and emission of the material in test must exhibit a concurrent change in the properties with the change in configuration of the matter. I haven't created an AI to examine the data from the various astronomical sources as it involves numerous para-metrics and it doesn't make sense to do them individually and then combine the results. It is easier to create a complete analysis and let the computer cross correlate the results on an ongoing basis as it digs deeper and refines the relationships based on new sources of data and suggestions of directions from the data itself. It is just that I am lazy and if I can neutralize 2 Avialae with one small amorphous solid then it makes me happy.

It would seem that if an optical rotary element were expressed by an organism, that it could be used in real time to identify the specific rotation in response while installed in a device such as an polarimeter. Which adds another element to my analysis, which is the specific rotation through space, and thus time, due to materials with chiral properties.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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