Gravity games

I was considering various different devices that could be fabricated with gravity technology and happened on something really odd. Everybody knows that assumed means "I don't know and I will guess most often wrong based on my limited understanding". It is assumed that black holes are one single thing, that all are the same, and that they have a single natural origin. I watch birds and ask myself how they fly. I watch the universe and ask how I can use natural phenomenon to my advantage when it is obvious that it has useful properties and power. Making broad assumptions about the material and structure of the universe is pointless. I would say it is much like people who wrote stories about Mars and canals.

There is a very great advantage in using the "technology" of a black hole like method and it would be the safest place in a universe of nuclear fire and scattered debris. The waste energy of an electrical reaction is also very great. It would seem that the next step is toward energy per unit computation and communication. It would seem that a device that emitted less energy would be the reasonable computational framework for the next advance. It would have no signature to measure from telescopes and the only trace would be in its secondary effects.

There is plenty enough information to get a general idea. As far as communication, a truly intelligent agent can establish communication without some extensive technology. It is the names for objects, methods and conditions. It is the simplest aspect of the universe to assign a common symbol to something. If you look without preconceived notion of what you will find, then patterns emerge and what remains is to explain what it means. It is a universe of information and it would seem reasonable that miming intent is just as good as an email.

If somebody takes a picture of you and mimes hitting it with a rock, I am guessing this does not mean "Hello and Welcome, my friend."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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