Fast forward 2000 years please!

The institute for advanced studies has a video on the nature of mathematics, which I am watching right now. I suppose I could get in trouble for the picture, but it is obvious parody using some simple graphics techniques to merge movies and computer generated animations.

What gets me is the fact that Google has a translator for 100 some languages and they can speak the text in a familiar dialect, Wolfram can give graphs in an instant, Wikipedia can reference dependent concepts that need to be understood, and a transcript can be converted to any language as well as converting the people to other people talking. Why on Earth does Stephen Hawking use a computer voice from the 60's when he could simply create a link with Google translate and speak in any language or any well spoken manner? Do they have to be so idiosyncratic to express a message. The affectations distract from the subject and "facts is just facts".

Now this is some information packaging at Boing Boing that makes sense. And also something that needs to be analyzed about Martian conditions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen