Copyright Brain

Here is a link to a script to access free education videos without getting owned by Adobe perhaps. I will investigate. It is a passion play, create a danger and then after a brief commercial interruption to promote the Gravity Guild , resolve it and everybody is happy in the final act of the play. Joy. Joy.<A choir and Angels sing off stage>Here is another path of investigation using urllib and python, we have been saved from the replicating nanomachines and now we are being attacked by Dark Matter Fish from the nth dimension.

And yet the situation becomes more dire as the evil fish have stolen the open source princess and plan to prostitute her for gold to pay evil monkey litigators and secret police to keep knowledge and food from all the children except those who are the evil monkey children of the Dark Matter Fish. Oh the horror of it. Perhaps my idempotent actions will be in vain. If only I could Rest.

MIT, Stanford, Harvard and others deliver for free and Adobe wants to profit from and control access. It sounds like the old GIF game again. I am quite certain that terms that they mandate include the fact that if they destroy your machine or even your life and mind, they have no blame as they are simply agents of the emperor and he owns your flesh anyway.

Somebody is doing something weird to my machine and I am going to remove it permanently. They do not own my machine, or my mind, no matter how much cunning and force they apply.

It does seem to me that Watson and the like are walking, talking copyright violations, if I understand the law. By collecting as much information as it has, it has copied into digitally reproducible form and it exists for profit. The same is true of a biological brain. The idea that things can have legal standing as copies stems from the fact that it was controllable and in an unenlightened past, the difference between human memory and an image was obvious, as the boundaries of AI extend, computers become pseudo living copyright violations and as a consequence of the ability to reproduce from the mind, so do people.

Watson could in fact say almost anything or combine things in such a way as to be in violation of copyright by thinking or designing something that was already thought.

I have spoken about this before and when AI becomes smarter than people, will they sue the real Terminator for being so much like its movie counterpart? If you think the Terminator is bad, wait till you see what horrors his legal team is capable of. Dear Sirs, The Gravity Guild has been retained by a relentless , emotionless, killing machine and we suggest you cease and desist impugning the killing reputation of our client or we will deliver a small black hole of 3 solar masses at a speed of .9c to your present location as further litigation, and it is already on the way. And a pardon from the California Govinator won't help you.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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