Small molecule spectroscopy across the anyverse

An interesting perspective on light and molecular motion is represented in the MIT lectures course 5.80. The conversion of electromagnetic energy to bound energy in an atom and how this relates to computation is in the conduction bands of a bound crystalline materials as well as the resonance sequences in the optical process of organisms. It also relates to the degree of permanence in changes as they are applied to storage. In a memory cell it is the excess or depletion of charge in crystalline orbital systems and how that can be sensed at a level less than the destruction of the state retained. In the case of dynamic memory it is sensed and refreshed at levels that maintain a certainty in its continuance. Many different systems have parallels to the underlying mechanism of what defines memory and computation. Many different biochemical process and structures can be considered to be computational.

It is possible to make a store and retain sequence that serves as the continuous framework of existence and this can also be extended to the interaction of parts that defines the functional reaction matrix of systems.

Many of the sub patterned sequences are not essential in a system without need to maintain stability in an open ended chaos system. The nature of permanence is such that simple retention is certainly continuance, however the retention of information that is the incorrect solution to a problem is less preferred as it constitutes an inverse complexity that extends to infinity. The relationship of mathematical function can in some ways characterize continuous functions as they are represented in fact. A simple function applied to organism may act to perpetuate function, even if this is not a continuously extensible form. A system that vacillates about a known function is perhaps effective, however it will produce no new unique solutions to be retained. It would seem that foundational extension must be based upon a irrational root. Any extension that has at its core a principle that is static and can be decomposed to a simple sequence can be represented as subsets of an infinite irrational set. In some ways the chaos implementation of continuance holds in its structure the same computational model. For instance, a small interfering RNA that is created and maintained or said to be conserved, stands as an answer to a parasitic dead end form as it exists in the form state of the organism evolution.

The total process can be decomposed to its parts which act as agents of expression and the complex root which is the actual meaningful part of the structure which defines the thread which extends from the ends of infinity. So this is another of the foundational forms that characterizes what stands at the core of what defines the nature of meaningful existence. It is what differentiates material from agent. The retention of member functions without extensible utility seems that it would lead to a parasitic decay.

The choice of value determines the extensibility of the system. It would seem that many choices are cannibalistic and parasitic in the large though effective and continual in the small. I suppose there is a parallel there to the quadratic approximation of a complex functional and the fidelity of the result to actually represent the structure of interest.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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