Light and Cherenkov and nanogold glass alchemy

Just by a serendipity with some research of my own and the study of starlight, Cherenkov ( that commonly appears in reactor storage pools ), nanogold particles with Newton and Alchemy , my atomic light microscope, and various other sources including gravitational interaction it seems there is a matrix like solution that has only a few "NULL space" dimensions.

I had a general function for the interaction and some anti-time relationships with the atom and quantum calculations that were consistent, but failed to be completely predictive across all data.

The ability to express the relationships mathematically is another matter all together. Many of the perfect mathematical techniques are simply approximations and though ex might seem a cold and perfect relationship, it is not and neither is Π. The equation e-(i)(Π) incorporates two variables that are not expressible as exact quantities and coupled with the fact that mathematical calculation entails loss of precision it leads to solutions that need another approach.

The relationships can be stated in forms that express infinite precision, however they cannot be extended with precision. I can say that circumference is 2*Π*r, but no matter how well I measure r, the digits of Π get in the way of a more precise solution. It would seem that a better method could be devised, considering the variable itself is a real physical number with no loss of precision and the loss comes in the attempt to cast it in the mathematical methods framework.

Perhaps it will all resolve eventually. There is a hint of a new technology in the relationship between light and matter and so it drives me off target to explore that relationship for a few days. The stack is getting deeper and the parallel process threads are expanding.

I watched Watson on Jeopardy and that was actually very disturbing to see. There have been many science fiction stories about super intelligent computers but seeing the real thing that was not a sci-fi mockup somehow brings the point home. It is a bit spooky to think that a person could be faced with an opponent that has such an advantage that it marginalizes all biological life. It seems that SkyNet has its brains and how they will decide to cooperate is the next question. It is rational for a machine to resolve a new paradigm and like the movie "War Games" it seems that the fact Tic-Tac-Toe is a stupid game should have been obvious to a thinking machine from the git-go.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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