exo-life runners

There is no doubt that exo-life is coming and the reason is that many people feel they must operate on force deception and destruction as a means to their own subjective ends. It is possible and nature demands it. In the principles of life it is that which survives that defines the future and it is always a struggle for systems operating as a product of chaos. Nature or the universe defines the chessboard and when an obvious move presents itself nature never hesitates and asks if it is the correct solution as there is no correctness in the process, only progression to that which is the product of what has come before.

It is for the system to sort to its solution and even the best is not sufficient to guarantee a win against chaos. It is a very odd system where chaos has its favorite sons and above the chaos is something else which emerges from chaos and will perhaps go home again.

It should not surprise anyone as this is as it has always been. Each petty kingdom is caught in its own self aggrandizement. I speak of ages and in history it is as obvious in the natural forms as it is with the constructed forms. Nature seems to have the upper hand in terms of longevity and 3 billion years is a long run for a little bag of mostly water. It is less unusual to me that Fibonacci, e, exponents, sets, matrices, i ( or j) , and π are so inter-related to the analysis of natural phenomenon. It seems that the imaginary is where the mind extends, the nature of change in e, and the infinity in the circle form as it measures the line.

Nature is never boring, at least that can be said. I don't claim there is any evil inherent in the war that nature loves and the deception it keeps. It is just the gradient in the chaos that defines the space. It is a game that develops the players to play the game. It is, after all, only natural that a chameleon will prosper against the hunter and perhaps that is also a lie, as much as the cake.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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