Cherenkov in the sky with diamonds

A recent report says that a galaxy has been detected at red shift 10 and this is moments after the bang in cosmological terms. I was considering some analysis of my own to either make the suppositions more or less certain. I don't care whether it is a big bang or a big bong, I only care that it has sufficient certainty in its solution that it can be used to extend the understanding. So I only look for strong footholds in the data. I am betting none of my ponies on any outcome.

The data from the HST should be available for analysis in a FITS format and I have investigated that before. What interests me at the moment is the possibility of making a correlation between Cherenkov radiation that might be induced by the solar neutrinos of a burning star. I want to see if there is a notch in the data that would indicate a trend in neutrino induced Cherenkov radiation.

It would seem that in the gross data identified to be from 13.2 BLY that no secondary stars could have yet formed and as such there must be no absorption or emission lines of the secondary star material that comes from a supernova. It would seem at first glance that as images and sources identified by distance were plotted against the spectrums they contain, that they would have an obvious drift downward away from the heavy metals. If such is the case then I would accept this as a solid foundation to use bang as a principle basis to look further into the information.

The biggest problem is finding the data in the format that I need. Pretty pictures don't cut it and that is the majority of useless process that comes out of NASA. I want spectrums and relative intensities with dark bands and shifts. I know it is there, but it is a royal pain in the ass digging it out.


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Automated Intelligence
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