Ten percent does all the work

An interesting take on the Linux phenomenon is that if 2 percent of the people use Linux regularly they probably do 90 percent of the real effective and creative work on the web. Like the brain, which is perhaps 10 percent of the body mass, serves the real reason why a person exists. I think it is astounding that even 2 percent of the people actually make the tools that facilitate the purpose of most everybody. If a person had to attribute precursor code in their creations, MS would have to say professor X taught me that technique and now I sell what was free or I learned the technique from an open source program and implemented it myself and now I sell it to unsuspecting people and make money from the work of others. I think this is called a virus in the biological realm.

I try to share what I learn and so it does make more food for the viral corporations, but eventually the immune system recognizes that something for sale in a black box may not be the best way to select effective resources. It would seem that if this is the perspective, a virus that infects a Windows system would technically be an antibody to an invasive virus. Thus Windows is the virus and it cannot be infected and destroyed, it can only be identified and corrected by digestion and use of the resources for a productive purpose.

Perhaps I could take the works of Shakespeare and apply an algorithm to obfuscate the origin and sell it as a new play.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen