Speaking the dialects of doing

This subset of information is from the TIOBE index of program usage and who is employed to use these languages. I am familiar with the majority and can use them in practice. Today I am reviewing Java code with the new information about C++ and with an eye to implementing an equation solver that takes astro-navigation fundamentals and creates an interface which goes from observed data to response method through the algorithm selection and computation. The point is to have an interface that identifies a condition such as orbital transfer from Planet A to Planet B and applies the correct relationship to determine action upon various effectors, which can be momentum based, gravitational, or others that influence the extraction from one and insertion to the other gravity well.

I am capable with all of these displayed, except C#, which seems to be a Ms trap to implement their non-standard compiler and thus profit from the pain of others. I suppose I could program with it using mono, but why would I sell a customer down the river to give money to Ms and eventually destroy my customer and myself?

James Gosling claimed that C# is a sort of Java with reliability, productivity and security deleted.

I gave an example of a web site which used C# and it demonstrated that fact quite well. It is like Visual Basic implementations that I have seen in process control. It can't be done and it consumes years and Ms is quite glad to lead people down the garden path to the compost pile, in fact it is their prime business philosophy. IMHO

I suppose I could program with C# if I was pressed ( I have on occasion done VB under duress ) , but when I do something for a company, it seems that I should function in their interest and I would be amiss in not at least pointing out that other languages are just as suited and less dependent on a specification that could change and create large costs and delays to modify the code base. It is difficult enough to implement a large project and it is monumentally disruptive to depend on a specification and framework such as this.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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