Object oriented life

It does seem that if life were to be isolated from the chaotic influence of competing organisms, that it could exist in many new ways. Python syntax and object oriented syntax is far more sensible for a process and its isolation from other process. Data hiding and modularity is a far better foundation for life than a cell which must operate with constant interaction between competing algorithms using the same chemical syntax. Certainly life uses this method in the form of siRNA and other ways, but it is not consistent and becomes fragile in practice.

In cell1 (sugar &insulin)
    Make insulin
    Make sugar-sense
    Make insulin-export
    Make boundary-wall
    Return insulin

In this case I use the key word "In" in the same way as python would use def for a function. It would seem that cell1 would be an object in a class that was the organ system , which then would be an object in the major class organism. The biological process is wasteful and subject to a nearly infinite number of failure modes. It seems counterintuitive to attempt to fix something that is broken by design. It serves no purpose to slough skin cells continuously when there is no damage, and yet this is how it is dealt with. There are so many pinch points that result in catastrophic failure that it is almost comical in design.

Mechanical systems have been designed to serve as metronome for the heart, insulin dispensers and many other aspects of the body system.

The biggest problem seems to be the fact that the cellular system is not at all consistent with the interest of the organism. I doubt that anybody would choose to decay into nothingness by design. It is also made with the same methods as any other life. This allows other random changes in parasitic organism to interface with the systems of the body. AIDs is an example of a system which would be no problem if the system did not expose a common control mechanism to the external world.

The operation of the body does not depend on implementing the chemical process by any means whatsoever. So long as the relationship of CNS and body remains consistent, there is no difference in the effect.

There are people who consider "uploading" consciousness into a machine. If the systems of the body were replaced by a more effective biological process it could function in a continuous manner. It is very wasteful to spend a lifetime to become skilled at some valuable talent and then allow it to be recycled to dust because the system on which it is implemented is poorly designed.

It seems that the least energy cost answer to medicine is to replace a bad design with one that is more effective. The attempt to do that with a mechanical device is a poor choice and stem cells is an interesting trick, but it is still not a good design, just massaging the existing chaos.

It seems the best answer to understanding the human cell is to scrap the random design and come up with something that actually works. Attempting to understand infinity in an organism is going to be impossible. The deeper and deeper detail that exists in chaotic systems becomes factorial complex to understand as I have stated before.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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