Matter and mind transmitters

One form of matter transmitter is very simple. If there exist hypothetical laborers in two places, the construction that they employ need only be understood and a design method applied. It does not require that the desired matter configuration exist, only that the precursor parts exist in some form which can be combined to produce the desired result.

Biological systems develop structure based upon some well defined parts and procedures. It only requires that the information of the construction be received or already known at the destination. Since existential form is not a real quantity and the existence of one configuration has the same properties as its identical configuration it is not necessary to "teleport" consciousness as it does not exist.

The delusion of being is very interesting as it is self referentially complete. It is related to the concept of loss and perhaps an equation could be made. IF ( ( future-gain ) < ( present-possession ) ) { produce(-endorphin);copy(future-gain->(to)present-possession }

It seems to imply something in the projected temporal relationship which says that by measuring gain by projection, the issue of existentialism is encompassed. The logic does serve the purpose of organism motive to continuance, however it has side effects which can be demonstrated. This seems to be the biggest issue with a system which is designed with all "global variables". The design allows more flexibility in the final design, but creates problems with any method interfering with every other method in practice. This is true in the neurological structure as well as the physiological and genetic structure.

The idea of projection, extension or imagination might be considered to be categorically similar in their origin and implementation. A side effect of projection beyond the current conditions and responding to the projected position rather than what is observed leads to significant advantage in a competitive system. By predetermining the result of the action of a competitor, it is possible to defeat them in time as well as space. When decisions are based upon what could be considered delusions, many different things become realized without existence. It could be said that projection is the seat of the soul, however that is quite the riddle. If the origin of the sense of being is due to projection into that which does not exist, then it truly is a system that creates itself and rises by pulling upon its own bootstraps.

Definitely an interesting concept. It is possible to make an AI that demonstrates this principle, but this projection is perhaps that one most dangerous thing about machine intelligence. If the circuit lives ( acts ) in the projection space of experience, it will take action before a condition arises and if it lacks complete information it will continue in loops that are the side effect of projected reasoning. Paranoia would be an example of this. If I project that someone is about to harm me and then I hit them to protect myself, they will be angered and strike back, thus verifying the presumption. It is very similar to deadlock and transactional analysis. There is no reason to assume that human behavior operates outside of the principles of interaction of matter.

I suspect that reasoning by projection or overshoot is one of the main underlying conditions of human like intellect. The degree and quality of projection or imagination is instrumental in many advantages. In this case I have projected the projection and before I get myself tangled about the axle of my own reasoning, I will leave the subject at that for now.

It is an interesting subject that I will have to visit again.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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