The IP address of Mars

It seems almost stupid that NASA and EU and Russia and China would not have the sense to realize that it isn't necessary to duplicate effort as nations or in a specific goal. Various nations have IP addresses and routing to other countries and it doesn't seem to bother them too much that they don't own the Internet. It is absurd that every craft that leaves Earth would have to be completely self contained and have technology that is just as easily distributed. If a laser converter existed on the moon for instance, then any craft that could negotiate protocol to the node station would be able to communicate with the connection at Earth with a packet time with 1.3 second delay. If every nation and every private concern sends their own transceiver with a different protocol, they are just wasting money. Once communication is present then it should be common. It is a top down design protocol that is always messy and limited in practice.

If the moon and then other planets are routed, then it is a matter of seconds and minutes before the response produces results. Rather than waiting ten years to see if a specific test is positive on Mars it can be done with a ten minute delay. The pure interest it would be generated would be worth quite a bit more than the boring news that I see. If a system exists which can move and has the ability to take sequential commands from a remote client it can be programmed to do anything. If the interface is a laser link to the moon for instance, the packet level IP can be filtered to allow the appropriate agent to act on the appropriate system.

A moon station IP address could incorporate something as simple as a magnetically controlled mirror to reflect laser light and it could generate power from the beam using photocells and the power consumption and size would be almost imperceptible. As a payload it could contain hundreds of redundant elements and the multiplicative probability of failure would be the greatest advantage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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