How do you say DOH!

I was trying out a text to speech synthesizer and I realized that it isn't a task any more complex that a simple thing like "dict word" as a shell command. If I have a library of words as ogg files and a program to concatenate them, where is the magic? It is really neat to do a Fourier transform and get a list of frequencies and intensities as they evolve in time and correlate that to how it is generated in the vocal tract. However, with the massive amount of storage available, it is possible to have any number of sentences just stored in a hashed database. I have done this in programs for some people and they seem to think it is magic that when a button is clicked and I play a wave file of my own voice explaining the problem with the text as if I was doing real time text to speech.

Spoken and written language are different and when I write some things they are interpreted in context and thus there is not a one to one correlation between written words and spoken word. An example might be "duplicate" and I could mean "duplicate" or "duplicate" which translates to "verb action:duplicate" do plic ate "noun object:duplicate" do plic ut. So it is a matter of understanding the entire language context to have effective text to speech, whereas I can insert (V)duplicate or (N)duplicate or any other constructed terminology to retrieve the hashed "ogg" audio file. Considering the collaborative actions of wikipedia and debian and linux in general, it seems that once a dictionary was established by somebody reading a list of things, then it could be available as a library function in any language or on the web more conveniently.

While writing this and doing some web research I ran across a very irritating cross site scripting thing that was obviously designed to deliver a virus payload to a windows machine and engineer the person. It indicated my machine had a virus in my windows directory ( which of course does not exist ) and offered a quick fix file to correct it as an .exe which started download automatically using some javascript crap. Interestingly enough, I do suspect it was a US government agency doing this. If you take a commercial plane flight they want to stick a pencil up your butt and if you are on the net they want to stick it in your ear. Perhaps the aliens have taken over the government and rather than abduct people in UFOs to do their anal probing they just use the NTSB since they now control the government. If I am not allowed to question or examine their authority, it seems this would be the place where an easy coup could be done and nobody would be the wiser as the people just roll over for every conquering worm that passes by. C&C is always a risky and short lived mechanism for an organism or system. Even the simplest multicellular organisms wouldn't be so stupid as to depend on a command and control hierarchy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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