OpenGL stroked fonts

I just happened to change glPointSize(4) while doing a stroke font with Glfonts also and it is interesting that the font is a series of lines and points. It makes for an interesting scalable effect, which is much better than a texture mapped font.

font = GLUT_STROKE_MONO_ROMAN; glLineWidth(1.0); glPointSize(4); glutStrokeCharacter(font, message[i]);

As long as glutinit(args) is included, this is all that is required to use the fonts, but they need to be scaled to the GL framework, which in my case is down size about .1 %. I assume it could be implemented faster by using the data for a font itself. I am guessing that I can take a font and create a list which makes that font in lines of various width. That might be an interesting programming exercise. It does seem that stroked fonts would be faster and just as legible without the "dotting".


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Automated Intelligence
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