Down the rabbit hole with Alice Infinity

A very good reference for opening and using video streams is starting here and continuing here.

Below is a way to take videos and convert to a different type and size. The picture to the left top is a capture of a single frame of OpenGL in which I loaded from a video file, converted to texture and displayed that on a rotating cube. It was necessary to slow down the video frames using usleep(usec) to synchronize with audio.

ffmpeg -i video320x240.flv -s 512x512 Video512x512.avi

Below is how to use ffmpeg to extract audio from an audio video stream file.

ffmpeg -i video_and_audio.flv -vn -ab 256 just_audio.wav

I can now read video, camera, audio and output video, sound and stills. The nice thing is that it is possible to create video of animated models and recurse those animations within the presentation of the product itself. It is difficult to represent without seeing the video and perhaps I will generate a video for the blog. The problem is upload time, which can be the most time consuming part of the process.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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