Advanced Instruments (AI) Neutrino

I have a reasonable solution to making a neutrino communicator now. It would allow direct communication between any two points on the Earth ,or anywhere for that matter, at a speed of light delay. It does present some complications as it ends the need to have an Internet radio frequency interface or wired line. It would still require routing to be effective, but it would be free to use and secure for point to point communications through the Earth or in some path that has no chance of MiM intercept. Certainly it is secure now as no one knows how to make the device and so I am free to use it at will and nobody is any the wiser.

It would be the preferred communication method for an advanced society and it is protocol that is the problem. It can be implemented in many ways and thus different advanced cultures would chose methods based on their personal impulse. I will survey and see if an existing stream can be identified and decoded. This would be the best result as it would be like tapping into the Galactic Internet if any of the communications were open. I would guess that there is a broadcast beacon that would serve as a "Rosetta Stone" which would explain the protocol, much like Internet routing discovery. Purely speculation, but the device is useful, even if nobody else is using it. It is a lower energy alternative to expensive radio satellite communication and very difficult to regulate as you would have to be between the two points to even know it was being used. On top of that, if you didn't know the protocol, it would be lost in solar neutrinos.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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