Tribute to Archimedes creativity

Archimedes was said to have solved the weight and composition of a crown by the water it displaced. Here I have a way to create graphs with various programs and then perform integration by counting the filled area color using the histogram function. It is a method to perform a definite integral Σf(x)δx a→b of any function without any mathematical skills whatsoever. It also allows me to get the length of the curve without any calculus whatsoever. It is also possible to select by color to perform surface integrals.

It seems a kind of solution that Archimedes would have appreciated. It may not be rocket surgery, but I find it interesting.

This is what I would expect from a gamma ray burst initiated by FTL. It would produce a halo of red shift that expanded outward and would have a red shift that varied with the distance from the point of GRB. It would be unique in the fact that it would produce a transient red shift in emitted light along the direction of acceleration proportional to the z of the GRB. If this is true there should be an opposite effect at the terminal end which is the opposite polarity. It could be determined by drawing lines between the vectors what paths were taken. This would give the extent of travel. Since the ring would be a plane in the direction of travel it would not be a TSP problem to connect the dots. At this point it is pure speculation, but I will continue to look for the specific signature that I have calculated to exist. I know that FTL is possible even if it would be beyond the technology. It seems reasonable to consider that if it is possible and the universe is large, the natural progression of technology would lead to this. I would doubt that a space faring race would bear any resemblance to us. Advances in DNA and cybernetics are already being implemented and I would guess that being human in the future would be quite different. I saw a TED talk on new interfaces and I think they have it wrong as the natural progression of computational interface is direct to the DNA.

I also doubt they would be willing to augment humans, any more than we would build squirrels with human brains and equip them with cyber enhancements. There must be some purpose for moving about the universe, other than conquest. It seems this is just another level and beyond that is something that I suspect exists and would like to confirm, if I can make a good model. I do not think black holes are homogeneous and that inside them is something strange. There is more mass inside a tiny space than is in an entire galaxy. I have no idea how one would peer into a black hole, but perhaps it is possible to look inside.

I assume that the majority of GRB are simply collapses of stars just because of the uniformity, but the energy output seems to be all wrong. I would make a wild guess that it is a black hole eating a smaller black hole. I had modeled this before and it would have some odd consequences depending on the size of the two objects.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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