Quantum dot analysis

Implementing a quantum dot interface in Python reference. Remember -msse3 in CFLAGS for splines. I have no idea how a template can have duplicate variables and compile?? FitF and FitU [int vorder, int vorder ] instead of [int vorder , int torder] IDK, stuff happens. Also #include <algorithm> in LDD.cc

Library paths are not well scoped also I think as problems with sprng.h with common.h . I will look into that if it fails to run or SIGSEGVs. Only so much time in a lifetime t<60*60*24*365*130 sec. (4*109 seconds ) for sure .popen2.cc also stdlib.h for exit() Differences in <complex.h> and just <complex> PIMC ( Path Integral Monte Carlo ) is a long compile.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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