More raw data available

World Data Centers can be accessed to analyze raw data. I am searching for the raw x-ray data from the galactic center and creating a model to analyze the x-ray patterns and their relationship to the (1/r2)*mass*angle to surface variation correlation.

Conservation of charge and energy would predict that a sphere with an event horizon for neutrally charged matter would also have an event horizon for positive and negatively charged material and that this horizon would be distinct from the gravitational horizon. As a result there would be a zone of high magnetic field varying with the charge to mass ratio and the angular momentum of the object. It means that the surface of a black hole should produce some synchrotron like radiation that would be highly red shifted. It does seem reasonable that the frequency and distribution could be computed and folded in polar coordinates to project a half map of the universe as its effect reflects in the surface of the local galaxy black hole charged event horizon.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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