Life signs scanner

I actually thought this was stupid as it would seem to me that there is no real way to define a life signal per se. However, on further consideration it seems that there may be a method. I was considering something a little closer to home like the moons of Jupiter. Some people talk about the oceans and the possibility of life, but I can speculate and it does no good. It needs to be determined as either true or not by some means. In a simple case, I could say that with an infrared camera, that an animal has a signature in the infrared higher than its environment. So it is a life sign of sorts. Now if that is extended to a closed system, what variation in which para-metrics would be significant and suggestive of life? It seems that the overall black body signature must be distorted by the accumulation of energy into chemical compounds and that it would vary from place to place. It would seem to me that even from a helicopter it would be possible to get a general IR signature from a village without any technology.

The analysis of different spectra and their variation in space, time and frequency could provide a specific confirmation of process that is suggestive of life.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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