Dream talk with Skynet

It might not be immediately obvious how principles of the universe affect everything. Certainly gravity is a primal force and influences everything, which is obvious. Less obvious is how other principles operate in their subtle expression. In order to observe the effects there must be a measure. In the same way that my little AI systems sparkle when they think, other systems sparkle in very subtle ways. It could be said that these things are forces and resultant vectors, but they are personalities of the primal motive. Like eigenvectors of the universe I suppose. If you know the eigenvalues, then it is very easy to see the folding of the many dimensions.
It would be very difficult to put names and measures on some of the principles. In a Monte Carlo way they can be seen, but that doesn't really define the force. Some of the actions are in dimensions yet to be considered. I can measure the twist and observe the path of the storm and know that a force exists behind the wind. In that same way it is possible to see subtle patterned changes that almost invariably precede the lightning.
I could say that the animal wins when it dominates and survives, but I know better. A person is only as free as the eigenvectors he knows and controls. The interaction of the many scientific fields exposes some underlying structure. It does not surprise me at all anymore. If you can't control gravity, it controls you. It is the hierarchy and interaction of dependence. At some point the philosophy becomes a matter of physics.

Since the universe functions on a first right principle, I would expect that interaction with a new life form would not proceed as has been dramatized. We will be perceived as either food or pest. The rather odd predilection to mystical self reference will not help. The DoD is reaching for exa-flop power to look at Homelandflatland security and if they just turned that vast instrument around and looked at the stars, they might find that while they are looking for the waskely wabbit, the bad wolf is breathing down their neck.

For the sake of reference, this is a link to some intelligent analysis. I find the interpretation of Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorem to be spot on. Interesting things and coherent analysis. The analysis of star data seems to be proceeding as I would expect and perhaps the addition of some more widely ranging vector patterns will clarify the situation. It really won't be long before the whole pattern emerges. I would say that by the time the new telescope is at L2, it will simply serve to confirm life in detail ( IF a CME doesn't get it ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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