Steering into emergence

I am updating the source of OpenSteer to test some ideas about emergence.

I am merging methods from Ant Colony Optimisation from here.

This is a java GUI that deals with ants and some of the tools use stigmergy

The code is written in C++, java, C and I will probably use C with a link to python to combine the tools in a single program. Something that is bothering me today is Einstein. It has always bothered me because the logic is circular and the explanations of theoretical physics are case based and incoherent. Consider this example. The front part of a very large space ship is approaching the black hole at Andromeda whilst the back part is approaching the black hole at Milky Way. It has a mid section composed of a single molecule of c(n). As it accelerates in both places the length is shortened. Length contraction. Well, the result of this is the fact that by saying something is a frame of reference ( equivalent to assigning a logical group ) you are entering a fantasy world.

What is really going on is clear to me and it is not I that is whacky and odd, it is their odd way of attempting to understand and objectify. Writing "C" always makes me think of v/c and so I thought of this. It is not an object set. All of this is infinite and it is a relationship of infinities that produces the effect. It used to drive Cantor nuts and I can see why. Everybody is trying to divide 1 by infinity and it never gets anywhere. Even a child can see that something is wrong in the basic definitions.

Well is i0=1? An interesting thing that came up in search is this on the nature of information and understanding. It is true that if the communication has no foundation and common basis it will not succeed.

In the case of the photoelectric effect, the velocity of the material with respect to the source changes the effect and to consider A without the state of B as absolute is ridiculous. There is a basic failure in the logic and perhaps I can create a simple basis that shows where the whole thing goes wrong. Perhaps the emergent programs can demonstrate where the confusion exists.Without a program that does the transforms in the proper way, the communication of how it all operates will still be confusing for me as well as others.

In ants there is a common logic that comes from the fact that the parts of the system are technically clones and act as a common basis when dealing with objects. People have a personal basis ( or bias ) and that can be so different that even a simple communication between people can lead to chaos.

Many things are still not coherent to me and so I look deeper. Some things that others understand easily are difficult for me. Objective C++ can be a trial at times. The object sets and interaction can become very convolved and tangled. It seems that the model applied is more important than anything else. Some models do not scale well.

I am making a model that deals with dimension and I need a paradigm for the interface.The topic map of science is interesting.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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