Some times an equation is a just a fish

A simple equation, but complex in expression. I am sick of math for a while. It is possible that gravitational magnetism and its induction of motion in the direction of acceleration, is the reason for some variations in stars in a galaxy. It may also be involved in galaxy formation. It certainly is an interesting association. It will require some massive mathematical gymnastics and I am not up to it at the moment. Perhaps in a few days.

Multiple simultaneous frames of motion burn me out.

It seems that it would account for ring formation on planets. I have no equation for it, but eventually I will make that. It is 3 dependent frames of reference,vectors and ratio of spaces in time, so it isn't a simple calculation. There is time and Time but that is just the problem of operator overloading context.

It may also serve as a proof of a sort of gravitational waves and their interference in 3 space. Perhaps it is just the mechanics of computation. For example: F·δr. Oddly enough, it may resolve to Time And Relative Dimension In Space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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