Moving my Zim wiki

#/usr/bin/bash for i in `find ./ -iname '*.txt'` do echo $i>>alldifs echo "---------------------">>alldifs echo $i cat $i>difftemp sed -f sedi2 $i>fixed_sed diff fixed_sed difftemp>>alldifs cp fixed_sed $i done

This is the shell script I am using to fix relocation of a Zim wiki and fix some relative references. I know there are some unicode elements and they can't be searched, but aren't disturbed. The "sedi" file is a list of things that I wanted to change. Zim files are saved with the .txt extension and that is what I searched for. I also wanted to have a diff of the changes so I created a more convoluted script. The script indicates what file it is working on at the console also. I copy to a temp file so that I can avoid a potential conflict if timing is odd on disk writes or locks. Probably not necessary , but I thought of it and so I did it.

This couldn't possibly be done by hand as the wiki is really extensive and covers hundreds of investigations and references. Along with thousands of code references and equations. They can be exported as html and I have done that, but Zim is a good system by itself and easy to learn, extend, and use.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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