Möbius light

I ran into an interesting thing with light or at least that class of things that are similar to light in the interaction of of charge or gravity systems. It is a generality above the normal definition of electromagnetic interaction. In the case of light emission and absorption, there is a fairly specific pairing between the system that creates the energy and that which absorbs it. In the process I have revisited some early work of Heisenberg and Schrödinger. It seems that even in this area, there is a vast undiscovered landscape of new ways of understanding the nature of matter. How matrix mathematics becomes tangled in this is also interesting. Hermann Grassmann's work is very informative.

Down under this is another new world.

I am creating a gimp script that does MonteCarloRain which is a fairly complex vector functional analysis of an image which creates layers that represent the image flow. I will put up the scheme script when it is stable. Scheme is a simple language at its core and can be very powerful. I had a thought, it seems to me that somebody needs to give gimp a makeover and extend it a bit more with OpenGL then call it "glimpse" in debian for "Graphic Language Information Meta Process System Extension". I might do that one day. I know that some people have an over active political correctness aversion to the name "gimp".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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