Michelson - Morley - Maxwell - Mohr

I just saw at slashdot, that scientists have implanted biofuel cells in rats and so I will never consider myself odd again.

and then the explanation without paradox. I am collecting and creating the blender files , animations and videos. Also creating some LaTeX equations and a systematic presentation. I have concluded it is not a simple subject, simply because I see it as easy. I have to assume that few people can do partial differentials, know topology, matrix mathematics, and so on. The full set of dependencies to understand is actually quite large. It reminds me of the learning curve to use UNIX-like systems. REGEX is a real bear to tangle with. It leads to FSA and FSM and many other things. So I am going to arrange the data here in such a way that the dependencies are met with the subjects. The use of animated blender files with python scripts,enhances the ability to discuss and analyse data. The equations can be plotted and displayed with LaTeX functions as textures along with n-space topological relation of the dependencies.

It has been 100 years and no unified explanation of the universe, even with the fantastic changes in tools and data. →μ4


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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