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The previous post is an example of how to strip something to its parts and define the relationship between two things. And this is an explanation of why Physics pisses me off so much. In the case of light it is separated and then the relationship between the agent and the effect is measured. Cool so far. The observations show two different things ( photoelectric and interference ) like acceleration and position in gravity. Still cool. So the mechanism is defined as select A wave or B particle, based on whatever you want at random. Okay, now you have pissed me off. Instead of defining what is really acting , they just say it depends on whether Willy or Joe is using the crowbar.

Waves are continuous and dissipate. Particles are considered singularities. How the hell does somebody take something so divergent and even think it should be uttered in the same sentence.

Newton made a pass at trying to understand light, but he lacked critical facts about electrons and protons. I bet he would have gotten the under relationship if he had the facts available today.

I know how light operates and how it is created and absorbed. It isn't ambiguous. The idea that somebody can postulate on the origin of the universe and not see the nature of light is counterintuitive. If they were really smart they would tell me what I already know, which is how light is created and absorbed. Until then, they are just going to piss me off more every time they rattle on with silly quarky names. The name is absolutely nothing. It means nothing and is absolutely arbitrary. The relationships are the real meat and making up cute names is not a science and LOLquarks is just as good as quarks if you don't know what you are talking about anyway.

Socrates the modern day physicist.

A tale of Socrates in the 21st century.

Socrates went into the lab and was sure that today would be the day he discovered human consciousness. He had the brain cloud chamber prepared and the subject was sedated. As he strapped the dynamite to the subject's head he thought to himself that he would be the greatest scientist to ever be born if he could observe the consciousness make a track through the brain cloud chamber. He was using two sticks of dynamite today as he presumed that consciousness was so small that it was stuck to some other piece of the brain material.


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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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