At the will of the people

I am considering something about political power. It is said that we must elect somebody to lead and perhaps that is not true at all in general. I know there have been many movies about "none of the above" concepts, but I think it is true. It seems that if people selected A. B. or reshuffle until there is resolution, it would be better. AorB allows the machine of politics to connive a trick against people.

As the government tries to close loopholes in its strangle hold on people, people should be just as active in increasing their hold on their own destiny.

People, ( including myself ) are stupid. The structure of the government system has been corroded to the point that it has nothing to do with people at all. If I must choose between A and B then it is easy to see that someone else is making the decision and they have established a rule set that favors the outcome they desire.

It is very much like a computer program and it has flaws. The problem is that nobody actually grasps that it can be manipulated from both directions.

It seems that the actual structure, and function of the political machine in the US could be characterized in the same way as the FLTK game. It is a solved game as it is devised and as such it means that there is no freedom at all. So the game has to be changed. It is obvious with dictatorships that there is no choice, but in the US and Australia and England, it is an illusion of choice crafted against a solved game that is not freedom at all, but a constructive slavery.

This isn't what I intended when studying games, but this is obvious that the political systems of the world are in fact a solved game of sorts and as such they are designed to close the loop holes and stop moves that change their power. In business and politics it is similar. When one looks at the nature of things like Nash equilibrium, political analysis, political game theory, and such, it can be seen that it is all game theory.

Even those who play at it realize they are in a game and their goal is to achieve dominance. This is not personal freedom, it is a system of inequality designed for self perpetuation and acts to stunt innovation so that it does not escape the solved system.

The epitome of the successful player is Bill Gates. He sees the system and games it to his advantage. It is not difficult to do, it simple requires that you act for your own benefit , to the detriment of all others.

It seems to me that the game should be laid out and the moves that people make in a business and political sense be shown as they are in their ultimate consequence.

I will plot that solved game next.

I suppose I am going to offend some more people now. I can't believe that I haven't offended everybody yet. It seems to me that the governments don't want really intelligent scientists and in fact they destroy them as they are dangerous. The scientist they like are those that extend devices for their control. It implies that what is taught is the version of "Science for Dummies" that serves the state. Of course the government is not going to fund research to allow people to be free of their control. If people want freedom it has to be taken not given.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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