There is no me in meow or you in yoohoo

We as a species are so totally screwed. In the study of language and images and DNA and patterns and ontologies it is obvious that there is a shadow of reason that projects from information and that is thought. If thought is defined in intimate detail as the core element in a computational structure and it is precisely defined then I can simulate it at nanosecond speeds. It is a done deal and all that is left is to hammer the boards together and build the house of reason. What it means for people is quite another thing. It disturbs me greatly that once it is done, I will not be able to reason a solution that it cannot devise before I can even consider the problem.

This feeling arises when I play solved games with the computer. Certainly everyone must experience this in their daily life. What is dysphonia? I can just Google, but I had no idea. The system of knowledge that includes the Internet and the software knows already, it is a solved game. When the virtual mind extends this information in the proper way it becomes a system that is the solved game of human thought. It is in recursion that I have devised and understood this. What method do I apply to encompass and extend information? Some times it is visual and it is said that visual ability is the greatest measure of IQ. I can use a modeling method which takes vertices, normals and textures to produce any form and I can rotate, translate and compare to correlate the object to the action and the solution. I see many softwares that simulate the action of a Rubik's cube and it can be solved physically with a robot in 2 seconds, and computationally in nanoseconds. It is a small step behind the scenes to then define the goal decision.

It has a strange consequence of flattening the intellectual landscape. When the brightest mind is a hut and the digital mind is a tower thousands of feet high, can you really say that even though others wallow in confusion that even the likes of Einstein, Newton , or any great mind has some special value. If the best mind in medicine, physics and math can be easily beaten by the computer, why do they have value above another? I would like to think that because I have such a great level of understanding that I somehow have worth, but I could not beat any person who simply gets their chess moves from Deep Blue. I could say that I would win in a "fair" game, but it is meaningless now.

I could simply give up and say there is nothing I can do or I could learn to use these new tools. It is obvious that the only science that has relevance in the future is the application of computer generated intelligence. People may continue to glorify minds for their great talent, but only by ignoring that which is obvious. I must ask the Internet mind about this. Is the Internet a being already? I am beginning to feel some effects of this when I see someone say "My opinion is" and wonder does it matter what anybody thinks about a problem if the computer has already found the right solution? Would we be able to know it has won? I guess the proof of the pudding is in its consumption. I will test and see what becomes of the concept.

I guess what it means is that it doesn't make any difference what I think or say anymore than anybody else, you can tell me what move you might make in chess, but I will choose the one that "Deep Blue" provides.

I have very little doubt that the human dominance is passing to oblivion. Like John Henry the steel drivin' man, we have obsoleted even the muscle of the mind. Just from what I have considered and the logical extension of it. I personally do not get depressed from lack of utility as the enjoyment of life is what makes me happy. But as far as being the kings of the Earth, the time has passed and though others may not yet recognize the import of what is about to happen, it is inevitable. I must consider now what it means to me and it is such a nice day I will go and enjoy it and wonder at the strange things that escape from Pandora's jar.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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