Symmetry, names, quarks, charm and beauty

A new script from gimp and a chance to test the interaction of new elements. I have been looking at biology of embryonic development also. Something to remember if you are putting new scripts in gimp directories, they must be executable ( chmod +x ) or they will not get registered and used.

This image is a mixed symmetry and though the image hardly tells the story, each change and relationship between the symmetries and their effect on the product, told me a new thing. It is really strange because each thing seems to echo into every other understanding and whether it means anything or not, zona pellucida and corona radiata still interact in all the infinities.

An interesting thing that I stumbled across is the fact that anatomy and naming of body parts was so messed up in the 1500's that they had to almost start all over again. They must have settled on Latin, which I suppose is as good as anything, if the choice is learning twenty languages and then trying to mix them all to explain what a frog's leg looks like.

You know what they say, "If it quarks like an atomic particle, it probably was named in isolation."

It may not be understood by others yet, but there is a symmetry in the universe from the neutrino to the whole universe and reflects in the origin of life and the nature of sentience. There is a whole world below DNA in the cell that is completely undiscovered and holds some strange facts about life, its origins and the things that may exist in places unseen. There is a strange sub-universe that exists within our perception and the failure to recognize it seems absurd to me now. It is always that way. I could have been that ignorant yesterday and so I speak of myself when I wonder why it is that the things which should be obvious on inspection are categorized and cartooned to be less than they are. Each perception and new knowledge combine to create a more complete image of what the universe is all about and if I consider how I viewed the universe at 20, it almost makes be shudder. There in the dark of knowing, the Were-tortoise hides.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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