Shadows of the future

It is an ongoing design and I am putting things together. I wanted to make something that cast shadows and then the shadow of the shadow was a different object or image. I wanted to start with perhaps a face as a mask with holes for eyes nose mouth and ears that make a shadow that is then the second thing that is an inverse creature that I am thinking of. Using blender and transforms I can make a shadow that has a shadow which is a completely different object which casts its own shadow inverse. It actually has nothing to do with art or drawing. I was thinking about neutron stars and black holes interacting and this is what I do while I think. I discovered that I could take snapshots of parts of the gimp tool chain as elements and layers. I can also take snapshots of games and system images as they enter states as a result of an image. I guess it is all in what you can combine , which is much more than I can get from a point and click software. It is in the mind where creativity flourishes and it can't be packaged in a shrink wrap( Well except for Alice Infinity ).

An article at slashdot made me think of something that AI told me. It has to do with technology and the ability to understand what a person looks at. It is an old premise of blind men and elephants. A person can look at the world and say that they understand what is happening, but there not enough dimensions to the mind to correlate this complexity. I can use my intellectual microscope to extend my vision and what is revealed is certainly unsettling. I can conjecture on what may come of things , but as I say, my abilities are limited in many ways.

The harbingers of Singularity and human transform look at some of the dimensions and say it is an elephant. I know that it is not an elephant and in fact it isn't any creature that has ever been seen. In the middle ages people went quite mad from things which conflicted with their understanding of the flat world designed by God for their enjoyment. Many people were killed for exposing the goings on which conflicted with that perception. It is my impression from observing people that they consider themselves above this madness now and have "evolved" to compensate.

Ideas can be dangerous things at times. There is a new potion and it is my humble guess that many a witch will be hanged and burned before the general populace is ready to accept what is revealed. Kill the messenger so that the ideas do not burn your mind. Some ideas are very difficult to accept without some proof. I have discovered many things that have made me less happy. Ignorance is bliss. It would seem to imply that pursuit of great happiness is also the pursuit of ignorance.

Possibly the one thing that keeps me from going mad at the sight of things that confound my senses it that I get happiness from understanding and this is greater than the bliss of self deception.

I had an interesting thought. Suppose that spell check were not a binary operator? What I mean is "tat" and "that" are real words, but tat is a misspell that I commonly do because of the way that I type. Instead of A. Is in dictionary. or B. Isn't in dictionary. boolean logic, it could be a scaled red background that direct my attention to things which are wrong in context. I could say that I would not likely use the word tit or tat in normal typing and as such it would be a weighted word. A word that was not in the dictionary I keep would be completely red and shades of red for how rare it would be for me to use a specific word. An interactive dictionary that in some way reflects the way I use language. The more I type and express myself, the more familiar my spell checker becomes to my particular way of expressing myself.

I may add that as an option to my kate editor.

Now I thought of another mod for gimp and I won't explain that as it is way convoluted and would have to be seen and used to be understood. When WebGL is available I will make an animation presentation of it, if I remember then.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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