Random Unintelligent Patchwork Design

Life process becomes ever more clear and comes to focus. I had an idea when studying molecular genetics and was unable to resolve the complexities without further information. There have been theories of the origin of the genetic code. I am very certain that I have the entire path and need only polish the edges to allow me to generate life as we know it by evolving from the individual methods.

The degeneracy of the RNA code screams of a different early mechanism. The precursor to the intermediate RNA world would be relatively inefficient to the next step of harnessing ATP. It is reasonable to assume that Lysine was #1 and was followed by Phen, Leu, Tyr, Iso and Asp.

Though RNA to Amino Acid affinity is not a strong system, it would provide an advantage to strengthen and maintain the sugar, lytic, and purine / pyrimidine pathways. There are three proteins that would have to be coded by association and I have yet to identify their complete structure. It is quite obvious that the first RNA pseudo code was 3* A/U and was 8 possible combinations of bases which incorporates STOP (The crowbar protein, to use a Half Life analogy ). Though this would also be relatively inefficient, that is what makes the difference and evolution possible. If no advantage exists in added process, then it cannot evolve by random association.

The overall process is a pointing vector that originates as deep as the structure of the proton. It points all the way to a pathway and process that easily generates the final life system that I employ.

An odd design issue is the placement of the head. I discovered a bit of trivia in the genotype to phenotype process that is as deep as worms. The idea that life is an intelligent designed structure is utterly absurd. It is the best that randomness can produce and that is very bad in many aspects. Evolution is absolutely dead and religion is a concept so badly flawed that it is a shameful thing to be associated with.

I can literally see each branch of the process design and though it is vast and complex, it is most certainly a random generated function. If we don't see ( or refuse to see ) other life, there is no comparative framework and so it could be said this is the best or worst, as it is the only element of the set.

The design is weak, the neural array is flawed and the long term survivability is zero. Excluding some great discovery, all the parts fit, thus the solved system and a means to produce a real design will result.

Another obvious consequence is that the idea of humans disturbing the delicate balance of nature is a load of crap. A system which evolves stochastically by response to environment that is purely stochastic is not a system that can be upset. It is upset by its very nature. A natural balance implies design and that is not present. It is a pseudo religious view that plays to the uniqueness of biological life. A system which evolves by random without purpose has no theme. Dead or alive does not matter to the Earth. It is the anthropocentric logic which implies that life=good dead=bad. It is strictly a neurological artifact. It does not make me feel good to view myself as an object, but it makes me less happy to be a closed self proving system that is flawed. Just because self esteem acts like a drug, does not mean we need to consume a synthetic pseudo-morph of it and live in fantasy forever. There are many deaths, and none hold any charm for me.

I evolve, mentally, quickly, once I find the logic underpinning of the universe. It is a difference as vast as between single celled and multi-cellular life. New paradigms present new opportunities and sadness may be a side effect, but jumping into the slime that evolved me is not really an option. Been there, done that.

So a a million monkeys finally type a sensible solution and I am not one to worry whether this is the best, and wait another 4-100 billion years for a better opportunity. It presents itself as opportunity and I accept.

When faced with a simple choice of oblivion and what is behind the curtain, I must choose the curtain. Certainly one result is possible oblivion, but it becomes a choice of the relationship of zero to some indeterminate quantity and thus a foregone selection. I suppose it could be hope instantiated in a mathematical concept, but that implies the emotional logic is somehow superior and perhaps that one aspect was a good random algorithm, worth keeping.

To make a previous point more clear. The "empty" space between the stars is filled with neutrinos and other forms of radiation and who the hell knows for sure what else. I don't suggest this as a life form, but simply pose it as an analogy. If an organism could absorb neutrinos and use that energy to change and evolve, we would have no evidence that would suggest that the space between stars teems with this life, as it would be invisible to us if it did not absorb or emit radiation in the wavelengths we measure.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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