Galileo in the 21st century

This article just in at slashdot is a fantastic leap in analysis. That is really impressive and the implications of the concept are mind boggling. That was very unexpected and it adds another dimension to what I suspected would come from the data already available from the stars. Its allows a technique to recreate the 3D structure of the universe from the spectrum angle of the data. Some interesting things are bound to be revealed by this!

In the ongoing saga of trying to come to some coherent concept of the universe, it seems that I have a new perspective. I had a suspicion that Bang! was too convenient and followed the concept of creation as being what people wanted to hear. In the middle ages the church had a crisis with magic and it seems the church of holy physics is in crisis now.

As a consequence of the thought experiment I realized that a very interesting thing happens because of the assumption. It is all so easy that I can't think of a hint that doesn't just give it away. I have said ther are many surprises in the data from the stars and I can't possibly guess them all. It should be very obvious once the data is analyzed to see which way the pendulum swings. I wonder why it is that they have collected so much data and fail to understand how to use it?

I will assume for a minute that the universe is essentially a stochastic gas and wonder what might come of that. I have mentioned the "Queen of the Holy Dark" before and that is just the name I use to recall a specific conjecture about a possible entity presence. The entity in question would think with a cycle time of 10-30 or less and complexity equal to a galactic cluster. It is really not even comparable to human intellect and what possible association could we have with such a creature?

I have speculated in fiction that QHD could dream an entire planet like ours as easily as we consider how to open a jar. Though I am not one who believes that I am special in any particular way as a collection of cells, it does serve to maintain the coherence and utility of the consciousness to entertain some delusion of importance. I know it is wrong, but it balances some bad mental code that comes embedded in the neural BIOS and microcode.

Strangely, something like a consciousness can live inside another consciousness and this is not impossible. I can group several machines in a cluster and call them "General Cluster", but in fact they could be considered a society. Simply a matter of convenience in description.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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