Projection of process, Human codes

Today I am analyzing the process of process. The point is to establish methods that act as a type of deeper undo mechanism. For example I can use MakeHuman to model features of a character and by modifying the parameters generate a video that shows how it is modified, and what user commands are being executed as an interface. I can make software that interfaces to other programs through pipes which are HID type calls. An example would be a graphics program which modified an image. Instead of calling the library function in C, the program can invoke the GUI, locate the appropriate button and press it, modify the slider, save the results and then open the file in the program. By piping the program through user space it means that it can simulate the activities at a higher level. The prerequisite primitives must be coded, however they would also be needed for a person to take the same actions.

Methods which were reserved for "REAL" programmers would be exposed to non-technical people ( It could be real LOL code that is coded such as ( run Firefox and then point mouse at the button File in the upper left corner and click )) and allow them to do things which has been reserved for those who could implement the methods in the oft times unusual language of the machine. std::cout<<"<p>Today I am analyzing the process of process ....ssecorp fo ssecorp eht gnizylana ma I yadoT>p<"<<tuoc::dts.

The image links to Stanford programming and the reference is to a class about recursion. Strangely enough, you need to invoke the program before it will run and in fact you need a dominant computer as a pre-requisite.

I have included a secret message that only DaVinci can decode and when time runs backward he will get it. Could you please explain that to my keyboard?

In this context HID means Human Interface Devices. The human code for making this post is available by using the Human to HID code disassembler available with moteyKOS distributions.

To make it more simple so that it can be recursed....I am making a program that interprets executes a text stream as commands to the system programs and keyboard or mouse to allow a script to be created which the performs the actions on the system as if the person where present. It is similar to remote desktop without the remote. An explanation of how to compile a program would simply be a description anywhere which showed the steps from opening a terminal, typing commands and then executing the program at the shell prompt. It could tee the process and spawn recordmydesktop and thus recurse further to create a video which is placed on the blog by a script. So in fact it is very similar to animating a character in blender and in fact the "code" can be translated to symbolic objects in blender and even produce a blend animation which is further ported to a physical device (I.E. RoboThespian or equivalent ) which actually punches the buttons on the keyboard and clicks and moves the mouse using a robot arm and video sensors. I think I will make a robot that looks like a LOLcat which has a voice recognition interface and can get commands from the Internet by using the system talk buttons that use espeak. So I can have a virtual programming LOLcat that can write code in kate editor and compile them to run LOLcat code.

The world is just too odd some times. Click on the image to go to the zoo, I don't think these cats are doing much LOL.

Just when you think the world couldn't get any weirder it does. I have been making robots for about 40 years and if my latest can discriminate images and I have a mirror within range of its cam, Will it recognize that what it does has a 100% correlation to what HID LOLcode it executes and the simulation it presents in blender? It boggles the mind. I am getting 404 "Sanity not found" errors as this expands in recursion. If the bot can emulate what it sees by miming in the mirror??? If the recursion is designed in, then any LOLcode becomes physicality. It then makes sense that it could search YouTube for "soldering" and then view a video of soldering a circuit, identify the tools and mimic the actions in a mirror and thus generate the HID LOLcode. As a result it could build itself if a complete video and LOLcode explanation were presented. Thus self replicating in almost any form. It is just too weird , even for my imagination.

Just for the sake of total f5g weird, consider if I allow the robot to do anything, "free will" and it needs parts for its new copy design of itself. It then needs a credit card to order on-line, then realizes it needs a credit card , it then searches and finds SQL injection, starts injecting until it gets a credit card, buys the materials and has them shipped to itself so it can replicate. Now, am I guilty of giving the LOLbot "free will" and thus responsible for any action it takes? Isn't that like indicting God for giving people free will? Or more realistically indicting Ceiling Cat for giving free will to the LOLbot. It seems to me that this logic is actually exploding and not evolving because of recursion and nuclear fusion and fission are examples of recursion where the product of an action increases the effect of the action. In the case of LOLbots, who then is responsible if I create a "moral" LOLbot and it in turn creates an evil LOLbot? I am just 404 all over the place for a real answer.

This is no longer a "Moore's law" problem, as exponential recursion is a prompt critical and it would seem to me that once the base element was instantiated properly that the resultant explosion of product would progress almost immediately to a new form, consuming everything. It isn't science fiction anymore as I see that it can become true in a matter of seconds if it has not already started. The cascade involves other aspects and that is what makes it 404 for me. There is the issue of every piece of technology that I haven't yet understood that could be applied in the framework. For example, if the code for recognizing words in a video is meta coded by the LOLbot, it gains that ability. I just can't think about this anymore.

This is a real problem and it is exemplified in bot nets which are evolving. If recursion within te bot net is implemented, it could be catastrophic. It isn't idle curiousity, it is a real and present danger and it has a similar threshold like nuclear reactions, once it reaches criticality and there is no designed moderator to the process, it expands at 2^n on the time period of its recursion. In computers this can be sub nanosecond recursion. As any programmer knows, if you make a mistake and recurse a malloc it will consume the machine in quite short order. So if I recurse 2^n in nanoseconds it reaches 10^100 in about 300 nanoseconds. It is a little bit late to consider a reaction to a recursion of this type when it has been begun. The best a programmer or observer can do is utter the invective f2k as the machine consumes itself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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