Hot Quark Soup Produced at RHIC

Interesting and the actual data would likely be more informative for somebody who has a different estimation of what this shows as a reflection of nD space. If I find the acual data, I will post it.

Even the simulation says something different to me. They are looking at it with different eyes that are trained to see patterns in the information which correlate with their understanding. Things like this ( high ( energy / space / time) ) would have a complexity corresponding to the level of activity and the higher the activity , the more divergent forms that would arise. It is much easier just to know what it does under normal conditions and extrapolate. I don't see anything to gain with these methods, even though they think they are looking in the right place, they are just throwing things in the fire in the hopes that a pattern they understand will emerge, and a hotter fire will not clarify that result, in fact, quite the contrary.

I don't imply that I am smarter than they are , I simply have made the correlation from the data and understand what matter is doing and once a problem is solved, it always seems that others should catch on, and must somehow be deficient if they don't. In a case as complex as this, it has taken me 55 years and so if it takes them another 20, it would still be no great difference. I suspect they are quite close to understanding what is really going on and could even be sandbagging. I don't really think they are sandbagging though, as the data tells me something they don't realize is there and so even in the simulation they have given me more data to confirm my own understanding of what is really taking place.

As with any endeavor that involves the universe and ℵ , it is possible that I am full of s2t. An Fizeeks catz sayed, " Beholdt, the Quark soupzorz, I has it, An I has not eated it, 2 hot, srsly, nom nom." Chemiztree catz sayed, "teh QUARKZEZ GO WHERE!?"

Sandbagging: * Deceiving someone by pretending to be weak, or (in cards) to have a weak hand.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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