The problem with Infinity

-Lecture number five of 6.00 at MIT open courses tells the whole story of why I understand and accept that no digital computer or analog computer will ever make a dent in the computation of the universe or be a device which could do such a strange thing as "upload consciousness". I knew long ago that the math and computers are not up to the task and in fact it hinders the understanding of the universe. I previously had no idea that I could actually implement an infinite math computer and so it was just something to live with. Now that I understand the equation of state of the universe it begins to give insights in how to apply it to create new devices. The logical path is to create a computer which can really model the universe and simulate human neural activity. The universe is an interaction of infinities and it can't be modeled any other way. AFAIK.

Tearing down everything and starting again is what I see as the only way to get an effective end product. If I were perfect and could devise a method that encompassed my goal in a single pass, I would be some valuable commodity, but I can't. I build what I think will do the job, try it out, learn what is needed next and strip it down and reform it until it is complete.

This is how I approach science also. If these guys like Archimedes and Newton and such could come up with a perfect concept cold they would have to be fairly major gods, but they aren't. It isn't easy work, but it is never perfect.

I sympathize with Archimedes, at least in what I understand of him, as he supposedly died trying to get that next thing and this is it, even if you die trying, you have to rip it down and start again and perhaps it will all come together, IDK, that is the future and it can't be predicted.

That lecture also explains some of the rather odd behavior that some programs exhibit. I think Linus was very wise to keep IEEE FP out of the core. Python longs are an interesting thing too. I watched lecture 3 there and saw immediately that no one caught on to the corner case and it screamed at me, "That program will fail intermittently". I see it all the time, that "Black Swan" and the corner case of darkness haunt me as badly as the Werecats.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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