Omni potent matter

I was considering the construction of matter which would be very strong in comparison to matter which is bonded with a "covalent" bond. In considering the properties, this would not be something you would want to exist any where near regular biological matter. I would guess it would be omni-toxic and would make PCBs and Phosgene COCl2 seem like candy.

I have worked with Hydrofluoric acid and cyanide and many different chemicals when doing industrial process control and many of the things are quite toxic. I doubt that the LHC would produce some of this exotic matter as it would require some very odd coincidence to be generated by the process. It is on the order of factorial goats teleported

At first glance it would seem that if there were a way to make an armor which withstood a direct hit from a two stage Lithium-Deuteride fission-fusion weapon, that this would be something to make. I would guess that if a government knew how to make this it would be made in beaucoup "bookooo" quantity and to hell with the ultimate consequence. I think the ultimate consequence in this case could be omnicide or a complete end of all biological life. I doubt that would deter someone who loves power and it is one of those things where my opinion is that we need to get rid of these pseudo ( or real ) monarchs and have a better life. I saw something by Feynman and it was quite odd as he was saying something similar. It seems that this hangover from the Pharaohs, Holy Rome, Feudalism, Kings, religious Pontiffs and such is a bad attribute to support.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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