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In the course at the link from Berkeley computer science about scheme, it is not as elegant as other courses in Lisp like languages ( most I have seen at MIT and Stanford ), but I feel it gets to the heart of the matter and I will attempt to dig deep and find reason here.

A language such as this defines functions which have data. Essentially it is f(x), where x is anything and f is a method. I could implement this as push x, call f, and that would be it. I can interpret the language any way I want. I can parse from "(" to ")" and select element 1 as function and then push push the rest. I compare syntax and then generate a function call corresponding to my interpretation of syntax. At its most basic level it is an operation on registers when dealing with CPU functions and I could assign opcode xx to be "mov" or "add" or "xor" or even "doodoo" if I wanted. The mnemonics and symbolism are unimportant.

If you start with infinites and then focus on partial infinites then you have a system of math and logic which is provable and complete. A person can device any number of circularly perfect systems and religion is one of those. I can start by asking you to assume one fact and then based on an assumption devise a complete system. That is an unfounded logic system and the system of math is an unfounded system. I am asked to assume 1 (one) and I cannot accept that, as odd as that seems.

The proof of pudding is in eating and the proof of a proper system is in its foundation in the universe. In the biological system it is a complex of infinities and each part affects every other part. I could be true that the structure which defines the hand could influence the nature of the brain. It is a system without limit and it is true that seemingly unrelated elements of a person's physical whole influence certain "metaphysical" aspects. A dog may not bark by design, but by his paws.

I am sure that is as clear as mud, but I hope to relate some example methods and systems that make the concept clearer.

Debian has a package for scheme called "mit-scheme" and it executes at command line with the command `scheme`. I suppose that the failure to use arrow keys is some compatibility issue and I can live with that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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