It is always something new

Below is a snap of a '.blend' from blenderwho and this is very good. I wonder if I could retrofit this against `MakeHuman` software and then project that back to a |genotype to phenotype| constructive functional array? This way I could take the phenotype expression and retrofit it to a sequence of DNA ( at least generally). I did mine and it has only 42 base pairs and I don't know what that means. I did the retro-transcript analysis of the images here and one has long strings of repeating base pair triplets CATCATCATCATCAT. Very odd.

It really is so odd what is possible and with WebGL coming it will be possible to do some things that others have not considered yet. I have been thinking about the consequence of WebGL and I can imagine some applications that defy description because they have no parallel in experience. I am going to get my WebGL working early so I can test some of this on my LAN through the nfs and my local server. I have javaGL working very well and so it isn't a long walk to javaBlend and WebBlend.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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