Firefox shortcuts in context

I guess I never noticed this before, or it is new, I can highlight something on a page and right click to select search Google. That is really handy as I often wonder what someone is meaning by a concept and so I search for some relevant information that will clarify my understanding. And there it is and I have been copy and pasting to Google since forever. This has got to save me some time. And don't even consider the fact that spell check is there and it saves a lot of re-typing when I type too fastidious(sic) "fastidious[sic]". And so I did sic and learned from Wikipedia that it should be bracketed and italicized. Some day I am going to be berry[sic] smart. backronyms[sic] is also an interesting subject and answers a few questions.

Funny, I inadvertently made a backronym in the title "Shortcuts In Context"!=sic. The mind is a terrible thing to taste.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen