Teleputation (sic), & the Girl from N space

Within the products of the universal equation of matter, I have come to see how I can "teleput" things within a few light seconds ( I hate this comic aspect of physics, for this definition of distance as a function of 'c' and measured action ) of where I am at. It isn't teleportation as the material ( matter ) is convolved at the destination ( and no matter / energy is created or destroyed ), and it operates without a receiver. There must be sufficient matter to allow the "teleput" and so it isn't like something is being sent without traversing the intervening space, it is merely rearranged.What it allows is the hopscotching across the universe in a rather virtual way at the speed of light. It is something which will be. It is not science fiction, it is scientific extrapolation and design. Science fiction often uses methods without sound physical basis, because that is what it is, speculation.

And the girl from another dimension ( for lack of any better analogy ), I have no idea what is going on there, as she is playing my puzzle game and has devised some methods that I didn't realize could be applied, and so I have learned something new to apply.

ADDED: After posting this I thought of "Rhustler's Rhapsody", which was parody of the old west. I could imagine a place in the "Wild Wild Out" where the "telput" was coming through to serve the locals and there would be a "stranger passing through" with strange ways and odd understanding of physics, that moved on out to the stars. A realistic possibility and certainly as real as the movie "Destination Moon" in its prediction of what is to come. No law would exist there until somebody comes up with a way to travel faster than the speed of light and be there, everywhere, before I get away. I makes me think of the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" trailer and perhaps , "You should let me go."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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