Teleput TelePUTT

My goal in the process of antfarmgl, code analysis, and universal understanding is to establish a self replicating framework which is cognizant and effective. The mitochondrial DNA OS is one of the necessities in the system. The ability to learn, adapt and function toward a specified goal is what is needed in the system. By teleputting at short distances I can determine if the process is consistent and repeatable and produces the desired outcome.

I watched "Destination Moon" on Google movies the other night and it was a great nostalgia and showed a time when science was changing and new ideas were being dreamed and applied. It seems that type of mind set is gone, for some reason.

I will make an attempt to describe "teleput" in simple terms that anybody should grasp. I can take a high power laser and point it at the moon and burn a smily face in the surface and thus I have "teleput" a structure. That is an absurd example and merely highlights the fact that a method can alter the structure of a remote place. I can also send a ".blend" file to a friend in China, France, Germany or Russia which allows them to recreate a 3D structure exactly as I have devised it. It can also be used as input for CNC to fabricate an object, if the material is specified. That happens at the speed of light. So I can now send a construction file at the speed of light and it can be reconstructed remotely, exactly as it is here, and conversely.

What is lacking in that scenario, which is what I am investigating, is to alter the matter at a smaller scale than a lathe, laser constructor, or mold. It uses technology that modifies the state of the atoms to make them bond in a specific way. The construction of anything depends on one single method, which is the association of two atoms through a bond of some type. The precision and specificity is the key. Once the structure and function of the universe is known in minute detail, this is quite simple. Much of the problem as it exists now with technology is the fact that a failure to understand the mechanism and process of atomic or nuclear action leads to a process which is so indeterminate that constructing systems is astoundingly complex and acts in a gross fashion with massive side effects.

Genetic systems are very conservative and specific in their action and this is their advantage. In most manufacturing systems it requires billions of time the application of energy and vastly more time to achieve a result, that a Yeast mold, such as Sacharomyces Cerevisiae, achieves many times a second, with great precision and reliability, with no manufacturing facility construction cost.

Atomic systems are said to be mostly space and though that is a reasonable analogy, they exist as a system of elements which are infinite in their size and effect. It is an overlay of infinities and it could be said that the maelstrom of interconnected space, charge, and action is calm between the eyes of the storm, but that is a relative term. The structure of matter is very specific in its action and it requires the appropriate conditions for it to change state. In the gross, fire would be the shotgun of action against the structure of matter. I guess if you apply every known and possible key to every door, a specific door will unlock .... :) , of course you unlock every other door, including the one to Pandora's playground.

It wouldn't be confusing if it wasn't new and new concepts always require some time to adapt, in the same way that I become more and more familiar with the programming tools that I use. It might seem odd or fantastic, but I heard there is a way to hit little plastic buttons and send words at the speed of light to a place where anyone in the world could read them. That may just be a science fiction story I read somewhere, it seems they called the magic process "Blah Ging", which sounds very much like a made up Klingon word from Star Trek. I suppose it could be true, but it seems too fantastic, like magic or something. It is probably just some joke.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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