Purpose for the game

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I finally decided what I am going to do with the game I have been working on for a couple months now. I am going to make the solution a set of linear equations in a matrix and a circuit that can operate with ins and outs, so that it can be combined with other game solutions to produce a larger circuit. When there are NxN games or sets of linear equations, they become the new elements of the game and thus it generates combinations of sets which function. I need to have a criteria for selection of the elements and a structure that allows them to be associated. Matrix calculations should not be difficult, but circuits could be complex. I think I will make a set which is an image of a program element. I think it would also be output as a set of three dimensional arrangements that describe a visual object in 6 dimensions, with 6 parts. That should be fun and could generate some interesting results.

I have extended the concept and decided that the elements will also be sets for biomorph and genetic sequences. As such, the sequences will produce 6 strands of DNA with 6 genes that will be used as input for biomorphs and MakeHuman, and thus generate objects that can be imported and moderated in Blender. So, the arrays can be continually evolving neural circuits, protein sequences, gene sets, body plans, logic gate arrays, program instructions, and control elements. This means that as the game is played, new organisms are generated and these create animated creatures in Blender, which can be further modified and placed back as starting sets. I am sure this will generate some very odd results. I suppose I can incorporate the basic rules of start frames in DNA and introns, exons, and promoters, inhibitors, and other things that might lead me to sensible solutions for mitochondrial control systems. This seems the rational approach, as it leads to the solution to the complexity of dealing with parallel, ballistic biochemical systems.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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