Probabilities of life

I am considering the concept of life in the universe and the statistics of it are impressive. Assuming a billion galaxies with a billion stars and a universe that is 10 billion years old and a possible population of billions on any world, it works out to a number like 10^9 * 10^9 * 10^9 * 10^10. Which is 10^37 : 1. In terms of deviations from a mean, if life only existed here and nowhere else, it would be a very odd statistical event, to say the least. In such a situation I would have to assume that life does exist and that it exists in abundance. It is then reasonable to consider what evidence would be indicative of life and what types of activity would ensue. From my understanding of gravity and the structure of the universe I , personally, would assume that the universe is infinite and that the numbers are just a lower limit and within an infinite universe, the probabilities extend within an infinite.

The development of gravitational technology would seem to be a natural path for an advanced society. The technology that exists now is a mere shadow of what it is to become. I think that electrical technology is a real waste as it creates a vast amount of chaos in the process of creating order. The ultimate state of computation , IMHO, is at the scale of 10^-50 meters per bit. That is 10^150 computational parallel bits per cubic meter. It is something that defines the ultimate understanding and how people would view themselves. Many of the people who have developed advanced technology have considered others to be a less evolved and simply tools or slaves. I don't think that a culture with computational ability in the 10^150 range, access to unlimited energy, and great experience, would have any need to use a species such as ours as slaves, food, or actually any purpose. There is certainly a potential for people to achieve those same levels and it is a progression that expands in a factorial fashion. Consider the fact that computers are billions of times faster, the number of people on Earth is now larger by scale of a thousand, the speed of communication has become c. A lot of what exists now must be obsolete in just a matter of years, if it is not already. There are knee points in all of this. I think that singularity is really only one single knee point in a continuing advance. I will continue to consider the issue and I think that I have a framework that I can apply, but much of this is such blue sky conjecture that it hardly merits reaction, but perhaps I will Monte Carlo myself into a possibility that can be given credibility by its potential possibilities. It is very much like finding a solution to a complex failing system. I will develop a reasonable hypothesis and establish a quick test that will determine if a feature of that solution exists.

Much of this extends into possibilities and complexity that I am uncomfortable with. It is possible that I can extend the AI rules to allow me to use the computer to do a more effective extrapolation. I have modified the "einstein" game to use some more sophisticated techniques and with the merger of techniques developed for solving GNUbik, it is becoming a useful 'tool' and game. I have a sense that given the information of 10^18 stars and their positions, I should have something from this. That amount of data justs screams for a projection and no real solutions have been devised from the data. I have a sense of some pattern there, but it remains just out of my reach.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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