Possibly Probable - Certain, Maybe

I continue to extend the einstein game to add new features. The SDL sound works well and that is a nice clean interface that seems to work well with Linux. I am implementing an algorithm that determines the puzzle complexity and then determines how a person fares with the time and complexity and then produces a distribution plot of games and times adjusted for complexity and then can indicate relative standing with respect to others and one's own average performance. For my own interest, I am interested in seeing if I am on or off my mark at different times. The image is of a specific possibility matrix solver that I am including in the puzzle and it can be switched on and off to increase the computer's skill at generating puzzle-hint combinations. The image represents the fact that if two elements are only possible in two positions and one element must be chosen for each element, it follows that no other elements except those two can be possible in those places, without creating a paradox. This is also true of 3 choose three and so on. I am considering a possibility, association, object interaction matrix that is (N^5)*N! in scope and solves relationships that may exceed human comprehension. I will have to see how that goes. It might have some AI use, but it would be upsetting to have solution sets that exceed a persons limit to understand. It will give me some insight, so I will do it.

The game is becoming more and more fun to play, and it also serves as an exercise in applying some OpenGL techniques again, SDL techniques, and practice with C. I don't know when it happened, but somehow I have a grasp of make and I write the make files just like any other scripted language. It is a very flexible, powerful and effective tool. I have started doing some programming "spell" check like scripts too. I want to know if there are lines that contain ifs that are used improperly as if( a= 3) and thus assigns 3 to a. I have done this twice now and it is a pain to find the problems it creates. So I cat and grep my way to the lines that are iffy :) .


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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