An Instant (AI)

Today I am testing the artificial imagination. I am creating objects that are identical in derivation and asking the program to identify them with the methods at its disposal. What I have done is use the Artificial Imagination (AI) code to construct models of common objects and then save the frame buffer as an image file that the program has an association with. For instance, I will give the program a set of models that are off scale by a certain amount and allow the program to perform translates, rotates, etc. to find a match in its list of know associated elements and use `espeak` with sprintf to construct a sentence of the form, "I see [CATEGORY MODIFIER][ASSOCIATED NAME].". This should entertain me while I warm up from shoveling snow. The process is checked both ways, image to model identification, and model to image. I add new givens as time goes by and will soon let it use the elvi to find some pictures and .blend files to ask me about.

This AI is getting smarter by leaps and bounds. I am sure I have devised the proper logic in general now. This is so much easier to let my AI do the programming and I just figure out what I want. It can and does program while I sleep. I don't have a perfect memory and I have to look up things I need, when it has been a while since I used a specific method, but AI never slows down because it forgets. It is like having a very smart friend that doesn't drink my Mountain Dew and leave the empty bottles sitting around.

I have decided to include profiling into the generated code as it needs to know its own strengths and weaknesses. If this is included as standard in the code it can give me more information to chose an option from the generated code. If it serves the purpose and is faster then it would score higher automatically when selecting its own code. I have also decided to implement pipe streams between the programs created so that it can take certified programs and connect them in sequences as shell scripts.


I had not used this before and it is sweet. This is really a great tool and features, unreal! Here is a link to read about `kcachegrind` .Holy s2t! this is a sweet tool.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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