If Intel and Microsoft changed places

If Intel and Microsoft engineers changed places, Computers would execute 100 instructions per second and software would be 10 thousand times faster. As a result, things would be just the same.

Updates are installed and I am going to see if everything was imported, then setup the NTFS to be mounted so things can be analyzed in the Windows partition. Now I have all the utilities in the world at my disposal and I should be able to clean the collection of viruses, worms, and phony viruses out of the machine. What a waste, to repair something that is worthless when it runs normally. I have to remember how to allow the NTFS, but I think I just have to mount it. Wow! it is on the menu under places! I selected the name of the drive and entered the password. Now I can access the data. I need to do some locate, grep and registry work, but this is way easier and I don't have to suffer through the incessant popups. ' I am windows, do you want to add two numbers "Confirm or Deny" ' Do you want to read this post "Confirm or Deny".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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